Why Parents Are Switching To CBD

Why parents are replacing booze with CBD

Many adults have started to put down their bottle of wine and gone for cannabidiol instead. For those who have been drinking for years, they know the side effects of booze. Most drinkers consume alcohol regularly and this habit has many downsides. 

Frequent drinking is not only unhealthy, but it is also expensive. Several moms and dads may not notice how much they spend on alcohol every month. Perhaps it is time to begin accounting for wine when budgeting, which will help in keeping themselves from financial ruin. Also, drinking is addictive and fattening and causes hangovers. 

Moms and Dads Wanting to Become Better Parents 

With the huge leap of weed popularity, several people, including parents, have decided to try cannabidiol oil. Most of them are alcoholics but there are also others who used to consume at least one glass of wine every night. After switching to buy CBD oil, many claim that they have become better fathers and mothers. 

These parents trusted CBD, which is hemp-derived, to help reduce their anxiety. They believed it would help them get the peace of mind they would need so they did not have worries in their heads, especially during family time. Bonding with kids is essential but it is physically draining for parents who work eight hours (or more) per day. 

It is not to say that using CBD immediately transformed their lives. Most of these parents did notice modest yet positive effects of the product. For some, they no longer bring a lot of stress from work and they slowly stop channeling their anxiety toward their children. These changes may be little but they have helped paved the way for these people to improve in their role as parents. 

What to Know about Cannabidiol Oil 

Before learning where to buy CBD and hurrying out to make a purchase, it is necessary to know what this product is about. Cannabidiol is a hemp extract and is now everywhere. You can find it infused in various other items, such as lattes, candies, lotions, and bath bombs. There is continued debate as to whether or not it is safe to mix alcohol and the hemp extract but there are beer products that list it as one of the ingredients. 

A decade ago, people would only see these items at the back of the head shops or even wonder where to buy CBD products. Today, it is so much easier to purchase them because they are available online. Some high-end boutiques and corner stores sell the products as well. It is highly likely that individuals can start to buy CBD oil almost anywhere. A cannabis industry analysis firm expects that the cannabidiol market will grow approximately 700% by 2022, making it a $2 billion business. 

Why More and More Parents Want to Know Where to Buy CBD Products 

The anticipated growth is easy to understand. The item supposedly has numerous benefits, including stress-relief, which is an effect that many moms and dads welcome. Perhaps the best thing about this hemp-derived product is that it is not habit-forming, unlike alcohol, which is extremely addictive. 

Additionally, no matter where people buy CBD oil, they can easily use it on the low. Parents can take the product out and use it without their kids noticing. It has become the favorite solution for mothers and fathers who cannot seem to get a break from a stressful day at work. They also have to deal with their hectic situations at home, so they were running out of ideas to de-stress. 

Thankfully, when they buy CBD oil and use it, the product helps them avoid rubbing off their anxieties on their loved ones. With these benefits, it is not surprising that parents are one of the groups that are avid consumers of the cannabidiol. 

Is It Worth Switching To? 

From booze to cannabidiol, people may wonder if this product is worth all the hype it receives from the media and other outlets. Researchers and even the consumers have learned about the benefits and side effects of cannabidiol. Scientists began their interest in the product even before the 19th century. At that time, cannabidiol was simply one of the 60+ cannabinoid compounds discovered. 

In the mid-60s, the scientists figured out a method to synthesize it. Similar to al cannabinoid compounds, cannabidiol also comes from hemp plant resins. However, it has some unique features, especially when compared to the more popular tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is derived from marijuana. 

Unlike THC, cannabidiol does not get the user stoned. Instead, it has a calming effect, which is one of the reasons why parents turn to it rather than weed. For years, however, many people have discovered that this product is commonly used for preventing chronic pain attacks and fighting seizures. As more users surface, more discoveries have been presented to the public. Since then, cannabidiol has been known for its anxiety-battling properties. 

Why Parents are Using Cannabidiol Oil 

It is mentioned above that cannabidiol does not have stoner effects. When parents puff the product out, it helps them calm their nerves and eases their stressed minds. For moms and dads, CBD is helpful, especially at work. They do not have to worry much about brain fog, which is a common side effect of frequent drinking. This characteristic has even become the selling point of the oil. 

According to a study conducted in 2013, the product can indeed alleviate anxiety through increased activation of the prefrontal cortex. Additionally, the oil also lowers amygdala activity. These areas of the brain are both involved in anxiety. The benefits do not stop here because the product can also activate CB1 receptors, which helps restore the correct balance between glutamate and GABA levels. As a result, anxiety is greatly reduced even more. 

Similarly, THC also connects with CB1 receptors and enables the dopamine reward system in the brain. Therefore, it can result in addiction. At the same time, the mentioned compound can interfere with the mechanisms of the brain, which are responsible for regulating memory, mood, appetite, emotions, and cognition. 

On the other hand, alcohol also has a few benefits, which its proponents will surely agree with. Some drinkers believe it allows them to get relief from stress. However, most people know that alcohol can cause more harm than good, not to mention that it is dubbed as the brain cell killer. 

How to Buy CBD Oil Securely and Confidently 

Many users and experts believe that CBD is much better than alcohol. For parents trying to find a way to relieve stress without getting a brain fog or feeling high, the oil may exactly be the solution they are looking for. When finding out where to buy CBD products, such as oil, the easiest way is online. However, buyers should beware of purchasing cheap or low-quality products just to save. 

Not all oil is created equal and it is important to know a few things before buying. For instance, the place where and how the hemp was grown plays a major role in the cannabidiol quality. Since the plant is a bio-accumulator, it can absorb everything from the soil, water, and air, including heavy metals and pesticides. 

Parents may also want to know if there are more than trace amounts of THC, which can affect work performance and can appear in drug tests. For first time buyers, look for cannabidiol oil that is certified to have zero or at least very low levels of THC, so as not to fear about effects that can alter the mind.

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