750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract Soft Gels (30 count)

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Lokus CBD is made with 100% pure and organic hemp oil. That means no additives or preservatives. Our CBD is made right here in the USA.


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Certificate of Analysis:
Lokus 750 COA – 12202018

30 pure full spectrum CBD oil soft gels; 25mg CBD per soft gel; 750mg total CBD per package

– Organic Cannabidiol; Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
– Organic Hemp Seed Oil; No Additives or Preservatives

– This product is designed for people who want maximum dosage
– Take one soft gel, one or two times per day, after consulting your health care professional
– 30 soft gels per package
– Store in a cool dark place; shake well before each use.

Other Facts:
– Made in the U.S.A.
– Legal in all 50 states

About Lokus:
All of our products begin with our proprietary industrial hemp plants grown exclusively in our network of licensed green houses and farms right here in the USA
Our goal is to deliver on the highest grade, premium quality products

Fast shipping for all orders within the USA. Most orders are delivered within 2 to 3 business days.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.

25 reviews for 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract Soft Gels (30 count)

  1. Sergio Maxwell

    Really enjoying the gel caps. I’m an avid hiker and my recovery time after a long hike has been taking longer and longer to bounce back from. Since taking Lokus my recovery time has drastically improved and I’m feeling rejuvenated. Taking Lokus has become part of my of daily ritual.

  2. Jake Turner

    Love it!

  3. Mark Levins

    Super easy for on the go relief

  4. Dennis Bison

    I am 59 years old and very active in the gym. The drawback to my running activity is the cramps I tend to get from time to time while trying to sleep the night after a good workout. I have started using this supplement about a week ago, following the dosing on the box of a capsule to two a day with meals, and it seems the cramps have settled down. I don’t know if that is also why it seems I am sleeping deeper suddenly. Lokus products are VERY reasonable in pricing since you know you’re getting a premium. I would highly encourage you to try this!

  5. Jerry Khalil

    I can’t say enough about the benefits of this hemp oil. I had a shoulder injury in January of last year and had surgery in May. I spent a year taking acetametephin and ibuprofen. I wanted a healthier alternative to save my body. I found Well grade hemp oil and it has changed my life. I feel no more pain in my shoulder and have more mobility! I take it at night and it allows me to sleep through the night which hasn’t happened since my injury. Over the last couple of years I’ve started getting anxiety, with it recently making it almost unbearable to go to work. I take these soft gels in the morning and it makes me face the day in a calm, cool, and collected way. You have made me a customer for life! Thank you!

  6. Jeffrey Augustine

    I’ve used about 5 different Hemp Oil’s for pain, but I feel this is the best one so far. It’s highly concentrated (750mg!) so you only need a gel cap compared to a full dropper or two that some of the others require you to do. I’m usually on the go so I can’t take the dropper with me everywhere. The soft gels feel like they last a lot longer and the benefits are fantastic. One of the benefits other than helping out with my shoulder pain is the restful sleep I now enjoy. It doesn’t make you tired or drowsy, but when you do wake up in the morning you feel like you had a great nights sleep.

  7. Sandraleefields

    I am an 80- year- old woman with severe arthritis in my knees causing constant horrible pain, depression due to inability to do normal things, and consequent lack of sleep due to nocturnal pain. This product is like a miracle! It relieves severe pain; I sleep much better; and it relieves stress and anxiety.. The big thing is that it is not mind-altering…which was one of my fears! it is NOT marijuana—as some well meaning family members warned me. I am able to be active. not anxious over little things, and I sleep like a baby. Keep producing this product…I will be a life-long customer! Fast service too!

  8. LouieLou38

    I’ve been taking this nightly, one soft gel capsule, for over a month now and have notice that the pain in my knees is almost non-existent. I would definitely recommend using this product.

  9. ChefGabbyT

    Shipped on time, received on time. Product works as described. Awesome for people that travel. I would recommend you try this before heading to the doctor for meds that cause side effects.

  10. Mommacat75

    I love the hemp oil…it immediately relieves pain that I’ve had for years. Especially fibromyalgia pain..which was unbearable at times. I can’t say enough about this…its effects are amazing !!

  11. BRummel1

    I have serious pain issues in one of my knees and a friend recommended trying this… not only did it help alleviate the knee discomfort, I am convinced I slept better in weeks because my knee didn’t hurt!

  12. MrsCooper

    I am on my 2nd pack of this. It just works for everyone in my family, for a wide range of problems. It’s just the right strength to make the pain go away.

    This is easily the best CBD product I have tried, and I’ve tried quite a few. It really really works!

  13. GmaKathy3

    I have a chronic sore neck on my left side. This took care of the pain immediately. I gave mine to my daughter for her muscle pain so I will reorder.

  14. Don_Garcia42

    Works well, easy to take. Will keep buying

  15. Chaimomma

    Love this!! Take one in the morning and I don’t feel anxious at all during the day!

  16. PDXChris

    Wow does this stuff do wonders. I had a recent knee surgery that kept me immobile from the pain for a good number of weeks. I would take one or sometimes two soft gels depending on the pain I was in and I swear I barely felt I had surgery at times! Does this help with recovery speed? It seems like it did!

  17. JenHoltsz

    Helped my husband with chronic pain from years of working on cement. His feet have neuropathy and this product has been awesome!

  18. MHutchinson08

    Bought this for my wife who suffers from fybromyalgia and it worked wonders for her. Will definitely keep buying.

  19. MaryJo314

    Outstanding product! Works great with my arthritis.

  20. LesterB1

    Does as intended, but box came a bit crushed. None of the gels were popped though. Hopefully this was a one time occurrence.

  21. TDurden93

    Very good for headaches (especially hangovers) and back pains!

  22. Letitbeatles

    I’ve been taking it almost 1month and it really works, it helps me with pain after working out and it really helps me to sleep better.

  23. AimeePD

    Great product for anxiety! It has helped me a lot at work!

  24. EdCorla2

    Works great. I can tell days when I forget to take it. No pain from arthritis and bone spurs when I take the CBD. Thank you so much for your product and making it so I can enjoy life more.

  25. MelissaX4

    Great at relieving pain! Took a dropper full for a really bad headache and it was gone in a few minutes. Boyfriend didn’t believe so when he had a headache a few days later I told him to take one and he was amazed at how fast it worked. Now he takes it for joint and back pain. Extremely satisfied!!

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