Medical community backing CBD

Medical community backing the power of CBD

CBD is an up and coming cannabinoid extract that has recently become very prevalent due to potential health benefits in consuming it. The compound known formally as Cannabidiol is derived from the Cannabis Plant. While this is the same species that Marijuana comes from, it is quite different in nature. 

CBD, unlike THC, (Tetrahydrocannabinol) does not get you high – at all. In fact, it can even make you less high if you consume it in conjunction with THC (the compound that does get you high). 

So if CBD doesn’t get you high, what does it do? 

Just like there are medicinal benefits from THC; the compound which is consumed through the use of Marijuana, there are many benefits that you can fulfill by consuming CBD. The method of consumption generally consists of either taking an extraction of CBD either under the tongue (sublingually), swallowing it in capsule form, inhaling it with a vaporizer, or applying it topically as a cream on your pain points. With that detail uncovered, let’s begin discussing the actual CBD benefits that you can expect to have through consuming this compound. 

1. Pain Reduction 
CBD has the potential to relieve pain and may be a healthier alternative to traditional pain medications. CBD works to reduce pain through reducing inflammation (as we will touch on in a later sub-section), and also by working on the neurons that give us the pain signals to begin with. Endorphins are our natural pain relieving hormone, and the so-called ‘runners high’ is caused by a sudden flow of this. While pharmaceutical opioids may provide substantial relief from pain by mimicking our natural endorphins, they aren’t reducing inflammation and healing the source of the pain the way that CBD can. They also offer a long list of side effects, something that is nearly unheard of from CBD alone. 

2. Improved Mental Health 
According to a journal published by NCBI, Cannabidiol has the potential to reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Their work suggests that this, as well as many of the prominent CBD benefits, is made possible because of the Endocannabinoid system. This system, which is naturally occurring in the body, “..regulates diverse physiological functions..” such as the “..regulation of emotional behavior.” When CBD binds to the receptors of the Endocannabinoid system (which are found all over the body and brain), they are able to stabilize the balance of the system. In turn, this can stabilize your mood and symptoms of anxiety. 

3. Improved Cancer-Symptoms 
In the world of Cannabis, it is pretty well known that THC can help to take the edge off of the symptoms experienced by those with cancer. What is new information to us, is that CBD can too. As we discussed before, CBD can produce a decrease in pain levels as well as a reduction of inflammation. Cancer treatment often produces both of these things, as well as a lack of appetite and nausea; two more things that can also be aided through the consumption of CBD. A recent post on suggests that CBD has been shown to slow the growth of tumors. This may also apply to cancerous growths, which can slow the acceleration of the disease. If so, it will prove helpful in both relieving the isolated symptoms as well as the rapid growth of cells which initiates cancer formation. 

4. Serve in the Protection of Neurons 
CBD has the potential to protect the neurons found in your brain. These neurons are quite important for the maintenance of basic cognitive functions, as the degradation of them has been linked with serious conditions including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. These diseases can have a drastic effect on memory and cerebral cognition. When breaking this idea down to a science, we refer to, who provides an in-depth analysis on CBD’s neurons-protective effects. The benefits come from the reduced stimulation of the beta-amyloid peptide and the phosphorylation of the Tau protein, both of which are correlated with neuro-degenerative conditions of the sort. 

5. Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory effects 
Another one of the most sought-out benefits of CBD is the anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation is bad for the body in general, but it can also be the root of some unpleasant complications such as arthritis, muscle loss, and aging. According to a journal by NCBI, CBD can act on cytokines which affect our regulation of inflammation. In doing so, they affect the regulation of these cytokines and in turn, can reduce the inflammation in the body. General inflammation of the body is normal such as the muscles being inflamed after exercise, but chronic inflammation can lead to serious health complications. 

6. Can Promote Healthy Skin 
CBD has been considered a potential treatment option for skin complications such as acne and aging, as highlighted in the article on As we just finished discussing, CBD promotes a lack of inflammation. Acne on the face is commonly associated with inflamed skin, and reducing this inflammation can be the first step to reducing the swelling and redness, the part that makes acne even more noticeable. As also touched on, CBD can be beneficial for the reduction of wrinkles and aging of the skin. If you really want to target your face as the medium for your CBD, you can consider finding a cream or face lotion with CBD infused into it. Consuming it in other ways will still provide benefits to the skin. 

7. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes 
Diabetes is a serious health condition in which blood sugar glucose levels are too high. The condition presents quite the array of complications, including the possibility of needing an EpiPen on hand at all times. CBD has been studied as a way of reducing the harmful accompaniments of diabetes. Studies expressed on suggest that CBD does a multitude of things for diabetics. Among those is the decreased resistance of insulin, which allows the body to absorb sugar easier and thus prevents the buildup of glucose in the blood. Another way that CBD can be helpful for those with diabetes is by reducing neuropathy, a condition of nerve damage that is common among diabetics. You can even rely on CBD to reduce the chances of getting/worsening diabetes because it helps to prevent obesity, noted in the fact that studies correlate hemp use to a ‘smaller waist’. 

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