CBD increase productivity

How to increase productivity and beat stress by using CBD

How to increase productivity and beat stress by using CBD

Due to the recent federal legalization of Cannabidiol (CBD) through the Farm Bill of 2018, people have shown a massive interest in the popular substance. Its medicinal and therapeutic properties have turned heads, from patients, parents, medical professionals, now athletes – it’s clear that CBD has the opportunity to seize this market and combat not only illnesses but everyday life. Whether you are an employer or an employee, work is one of the main stressors in our daily lives. Nowadays, folks are starting to use CBD to alleviate that stress and combat fatigue to increase their productiveness in the workplace.

Let’s dive deeper and see how CBD can be used to increase our productivity and beat stress.


Anxiety is one of the major health illnesses that can prevent a person from being productive. Maintaining a normal life with any type of anxiety becomes a feat when ignored or not properly addressed. The gut wrenching feeling along with heart palpitations and traumatic sense of embarrassment and disappointment make it extremely hard to give presentations and be a contributing factor in a social environment. While some address their anxiety issues with the use of medical marijuana, research has shown that CBD oil can significantly reduce anxiety, cognitive impairment, and discomfort in their speech performance. Considering the alternative medications with negative side effects, there’s plenty of reasons why people are turning to high grade CBD.

Focus and Motivation

For most people, work may become somewhat monotonous, making it hard to stay focused and motivated. There are plenty of factors that can decrease a person’s motivation, though stress, anxiety, and depression are the major contributors. Studies have shown that “CBD may attenuate motivational dysfunction through activation of the 5-HT1A receptor and elevations in eCB tone.” In more simple words, if you are down and could use a motivational pick me up, using high grade CBD oil could be the answer.

Sleep Improvement

While there have been mixed results from patients reporting that taking CBD makes them more sleepy while some reporting that they feel more awake, nonetheless, more research needs to be done to show how CBD could affect a person’s sleep. Though out of all those reports, patients have said that taking CBD enhances their quality of sleep essentially improving sleeping patterns. One of the main issues that affects workplace productivity is the lack of sleep. If the reports stay true, and CBD can truly enhance our sleep and give us a well-rested feeling the next day, then our productivity should increase since we would be more relaxed and less prone to stressors at work.

Mental Clarity

As mentioned before, most people who experience a monotonous work day will feel less focused or motivated. It’s extremely hard to battle that mid-day slump which ends up leading to a decline in productivity. CBD can aid our neurological pathways and boost our brain functionality and clarity. Folks who use CBD regularly have seen results for themselves feeling less lethargic during the work day and showed an overall improvement in their mental clarity and productivity.

Pain Management

Most people end up with some sort of work-related pain, whether it be back pain from posture or laborious activities, to wrist pain from being on the computer every day. Unfortunately, folks with work-related pain tend to be less productive on a daily basis. Many people turn to CBD to combat the pain due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. The pain relief CBD provides can be life altering to the point of increased productivity both at home and in the workplace. To read more about work-related injuries, read this article on how CBD oil can help with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Energy Increase

While some patients have reported that CBD oil at times makes them sleepy, most have reported that it acts as a stimulant which gives them increased energy. In order to stay productive at the workplace, your energy levels need to be at an optimal level. While coffee can work great for a small period of time, taking small doses of CBD either with your coffee or throughout the day, can keep your energy levels at its peak. This ensures that you stay motivated and productive throughout the busy work day.

Helps With Addiction

Canadian researchers at the University of Montreal conducted a study on the effects of CBD as an intervention for addictive behaviors. The researchers concluded that CBD has the ability to reduce the cravings for substances like opioids, methamphetamine, nicotine, and others. If CBD can be used to combat nicotine cravings, then less smoke breaks will need to be taken so you can stay focused and productive!

Mood and stress

If you didn’t already know, CBD can improve your mood by interacting with your endocannabinoid system, which affects your mental and physical homeostasis. When used regularly, high grade CBD can enhance or improve your mood, pushing you to your peak performance and productivity levels. This could also mean that your everyday work stress, also known as oxidative stress, will be less. While more research might need to be done, patients have said that CBD has a positive effect in the prevention of chronic illnesses associated with oxidative stress.


CBD has shown to increase productivity in the workplace, though folks should know to be responsible for figuring out the proper daily dosage amounts. Also, when choosing the right CBD brands, you should be aware of your company’s policies whether or not your CBD will make you fail a drug test. While most full spectrum CBDs only have 0.3% THC, it could still show up as positive, potentially leading to termination of your employment.

At Lokus, we strive to give you the purest full spectrum CBD with 0% THC. No worries. No hassles. We hope you choose Lokus as part of your daily work routine and see for yourself how our amazing products can benefit your overall well being.

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