CBD and Tattoos

How taking CBD before a tattoo can ease the pain

Once upon a time, a tattoo was one of those regrettable dare ideas that people would decide to go for when they were drunk. It wasn’t uncommon for guys out at a bar to stop in at a tattoo parlor and get some musical icons or other memorabilia printed on their arms. Of course, there were still the dudes who were really serious about tats that did all their homework and put a lot of thought into exactly what they wanted. These tough guys didn’t care how much it hurt because it was all a status symbol. Even women and young girls would get their cherries and their butterflies to make them look exotic and sexy.

Nowadays, body ink artists don’t particularly like to entertain drunk guest. On top of this, we now know that alcohol diminishes the ability of your blood to clot. This can make things really messy for your tattoo artist if you are bleeding like a cracked bottle of red wine all over the place. In addition, you will find that crudely done tats are something that is hidden and shameful. People today want elaborate body art designs that may be fodder for some photographer to feature in a mag. If you are gonna put permanent marks on your body, at least make it something you’d really be proud to show off.

Yes, gone are the fun old days of being silly and getting any old sketch just for the heck of it. Today, tattoo artists can charge a fortune and be booked up solid with clients in high-end tattoo parlors. Clients will fly in from far and wide to get a veritable Picasso on their shoulders. No matter where you stand on the seriousness of quality expected in your tattoos, you should be aware that there are effective natural methods of blocking this pain that turns many away from body art. In fact, you can even reduce tattoo inflammation without having to take Calcium-leeching steroids like Prednisone.

Most Painful Places to Ink

• Ribcage
• Hands
• Inner wrists
• Head
• Armpit
• Ankles
• Feet
• Inner thighs
• Inner-sides of the upper arms
• Genitalia

Bodyart can be very painful because the artist is trying to inject ink into your skin. Your skin sees this as a foreign substance and tries its best to reject it. The flesh artists typically use machines and special pigments that are engineered for the best results. But, nevertheless, it is an uphill battle that requires a lot of hot needle pricking.

The colorings are the worst part of the process because many needles are required at once to inject a solid tone. Of course, the critics will argue that colors are less painful because there is more surface area and also because the area is numbed from the outlines. You be the judge.

Easing the Pain and Inflammation of Tattooing with CBD

Nowadays, young people are experimenting more and more with substances that they use by applying CBD to any situations where they may encounter pain. It wasn’t long before people started to take CBD oil to ease pain after getting a few tattoos and thinking that they should just take it during the tattooing session as well.

If you are not familiar with CBD, it is a natural medicine called cannabidiol that is commonly derived from hemp. In fact, lawyers argue that it is legal in all 50 states if it comes from a hemp plant extract and contains none of the THC commonly found in marijuana. By law, hemp plants must have no more than 0.3 % THC, which is not enough to cause any psychoactive effects. It is believed that hemp was cultivated by our founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Today, states like Vermont and New York make it easy for people to use marijuana products for recreational use and buy CBD online. But, cannabidiol oil with no THC content is legal throughout the country under the 2018 Farm Bill under Federal law. This now makes it easy for people to buy CBD online or even in their local gas stations. The DEA has clarified that they may only challenge the legality of hemp-derived CBD if someone had a large supply and it was involved in some other manner to drug trafficking. This is about as solid as you can get in legality for any formerly criminalized class of products in the USA.

Hemp oil can be a source of relief from chronic pain to seizures. Therefore, Congress could not stop the demand from the people suffering. Hemp oil is so useful because it is a compound that is similar to one made by our own bodies naturally. However, unlike stimulating psychoactive effects and pleasure centers of the brain, the cannabidiol oil activates receptors that reduce inflammation and block pain signals at the nerves.

So, if you plan on having some over-the-top body art done, don’t even bat an eyelash worrying about how painful it can be. You can decrease the pain sensitivity of your body by taking cbd for tattoo sessions. When you take CBD for tattoo work, it also will reduce inflammation and help you heal faster. You can even use CBD for topical application on the skin after getting inked to ease pain right on the spot.

Tattoo inflammation is one of the leading reasons for people to refrain from getting new tattoos unless the need is very serious. Although tattoos can be addictive, using CBD for topical application on the skin to ease pain can take the cringe out of it. So, why don’t you buy CBD online before you take that next trip to the body shop? A few drops of CBD oil certainly couldn’t hurt.

Other Uses For CBD

While it makes sense to take CBD for tattoos, you can also take it when you simply want to relieve psychological anxiety and sleep better at night. CBD has a calming effect on all your nerves and help those jumbled up thoughts flow in a linear and tranquil manner. In fact, they are even saying that CBD can be used to treat schizophrenia instead of the harsh drugs because it can likewise calm down the nervous system and stop the voices.

CBD is already widely respected for its use in helping patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis and cancer. It is also effective for people who suffer from seizure disorders and Parkinson’s Disease. It can work effectively and without side-effects even when other powerful manmade drugs that toxify the liver fail. The recent wave of CBD legalization was pushed forward chiefly because the CBD extract can help children who are 2 years and older to reduce the severity or incidence of seizures from Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Hemp activist Jack Herer’s vision of a future where people benefit from hemp products may finally be coming true. Jack Herer had famously argued that the governmentworking in conjunction with major corporations, was intentionally suppressing studies and key evidence that hemp was so useful.


Because CBD is so similar to your bodies own balancing agents to control nerve anxiety, pain, and inflammation, you should give CBD oil and try and find out if it is right for you. When you buy CBD online, you are contributing to the overall health of our community and the world at large.

Image Credit: Unsplash

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