Gamers using CBD

Gamers using CBD to help with stress and anxiety

The world of e-sports is gaining more global recognition and is on par with other sporting events in terms of popularity. Professional gaming requires tremendous dexterity, concentration, and endurance. Gamers must train their mind and bodies to develop extremely fast reflexes, superb critical thinking skills, and work well under immense pressure. Any competitive event can elicit feelings of stress and anxiety, and competitive gaming is no different. The ability to remain calm throughout a match can mean the difference between a loss and a victory. 

Endless hours of training leading up the main event can be the toughest aspect of competitive gaming. Like all athletes, gamers must be able to manage their stress to keep up their mental fortitude. Natural remedies such as a CBD supplement can alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, and other inhibiting emotions. 

What is CBD oil? 

CBD is one of over 100 chemical compounds derived from the cannabis or marijuana plant. Many people associate cannabis for its mind-altering effects. This is due to the cannabinoid known as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which directly impacts how the brain processes information. Unlike THC, CBD only provides pain relief and reduces emotions like anxiety without psychological effects. CBD is very potent and therefore must be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp oil. 

How Competitive Gaming Takes a Toll on Gamers 

Competitive gamers are subject to a lot of mental strain in preparation for tournaments. The top gaming players spend approximately 12 to 14 hours per day practicing. The energy that it takes to engage in a strenuous task for 12 hours per day can quickly tire someone out. 

Passion and desire are good to have for competitive gaming but are only temporary. Discipline is key. Players must control their mind and body to complete a task even when they no longer wish to do so. Even with immense discipline, the demands of competitive gaming can still feel overwhelming. 

What Happens in the Brain During 

Competitive gamers must possess excellent motor skills. Most games in competitive gaming are fast paced and players must be able to input commands on a peripheral device at speeds that are far above average. A gamer must also be cognizant of their digital environment. Over long periods of time, all of this puts a tremendous amount of strain on the brain. 

The first job of the brain is to process the image that is seen on the screen. As the player’s eyes shift across the screen, their brain is processing large amounts of information within a fraction of a second. Depending on the image, a signal is sent to the hands via the nervous system. This signal commands the hands and the player reacts accordingly. All these signals must travel from eyes to the brain and from the brain to eyes in less than two-tenths of a second. Given that players are executing button commands hundreds of thousands of times throughout the day, this puts the brain and the nervous system under a lot of strain. 

Naturally, the body’s response to high-stress situations is to release hormones and endorphins which serve many functions. They provide additional energy to the body, increase focus, and dull a person’s sense of pain. Too much of these can overload the body and lead to a sense of burnout. 

During a training session, burnout can lead to inefficient training. Players lose their ability to concentrate on complex tasks. This can make practice sessions feel more burdensome and less enjoyable. 

When a player’s nervous system is overloaded with sensory information, the brain becomes less efficient at processing new information. This causes the players to make more reckless mistakes which can cost them the tournament. Players who are too stressed are more likely to become overwhelmed during a high-pressure situation like a gaming tournament. 

How CBD Oil can give Gamers a Competitive Edge 

CBD allows players to regain control of the situation by interacting with the neuroreceptors of the brain to bring the player to a calm state of mind. There are many ion channels and neuroreceptors which regulate a person’s mood. CBD interacts with serotonin receptors to produce feelings of calmness. Serotonin is the brain’s response to a positive situation. Serotonin can reduce adverse symptoms associated with excessive nervousness such as nausea, pain, and poor sleep quality. 

A player who is more in control of their emotions is more likely to make sound decisions. This translates to a higher success rate during the event. When the brain is relaxed, the signal transduction pathways are functional and can send well-planned signals throughout the body. 

Players are more likely to enter a state of flow because CBD can increase focus and induce relaxation. Flow is described as the highest form of concentration. It is the event where a person is completely immersed in their activity and is not distracted by anything else. Flow can also distort a person’s sense of time. In some cases, time may seem to move much faster. This can be used to a player’s advantage. A player who is in a state of flow is less likely to feel mentally or physically fatigued because they live in the moment. Time doesn’t affect them as much and they can keep there energy high for hours at a time. 

Communication is another key aspect of gaming. E-sports is a collaborative effort and players must articulate their ideas their teammates during the middle of a match. Ideas must be concise so the team can respond quickly. A nervous player is more likely to stumble over their words or find it difficult to explain their ideas. A player who has better control over their nerves can express themselves more confidently. 

It is easy for players to buy CBD online. Players can use it during the long and grueling hours of practice, or right before a tournament to calm down the nerves. 

How CBD Oil can help Players cope with Losing a Game 

A loss in a big match can feel devasting. It may even deter some players from continuing their career. CBD has other functions which make it applicable in a variety of circumstances. 

CBD is a well-known anti-depressant. Professional gamers may experience depression at some point in their career. Whether it’s from the endless hours of practice, or a loss from a tournament, feeling a bit down is a normal reaction. The competition is fierce, however, and players must learn how to regulate their emotions to stay in top condition. 

A combination of cannabidiol oil and hemp oil is a natural remedy which can restore the brain’s chemistry. Cannabidiol oil can also reduce anger and other emotions which may hinder performance. 

Why Players Should Consider Cannabidiol Oil and Buy CBD Online 

The body needs to stay healthy in order to perform well. CBD is a natural derivative from the cannabis plant and can benefit the mind and body in many ways. Players should look to the right resources to perform at their peak potential and CBD can help. CBD should be taken hours before or after a gaming event to deal with the intense atmosphere. A player can buy CBD online without complications. In the long run, players can keep up their motivation up and not worry about burning out which leaves them better prepared on game day.

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