Exercise and CBD

Can CBD oil help my exercise routine?

Whether you are starting a new exercise routine or intensifying your training efforts, you understandably will feel pain from muscle inflammation and tension. Everyone from novice to professional athletes alike have traditionally sought muscle relief from ice baths, stretching and pain relief medications. Even with these efforts, however, pain can persist for a few days after a workout. This pain can make you miserable and may interfere with planned training activities. Athletes are increasingly taking advantage of CBD oil exercise benefits for more effective results. When you learn how CBD oil help exercise pain, you can begin maximizing the benefits that it provides before and after your workouts. 

Understanding CBD Oil

Before you create a CBD oil exercise routine to decrease muscle pain and inflammation, you may be wondering if this oil is legal and how it will impact your body. This oil, which is also known as cannabidiol oil, is only one of dozens of chemical agents found in cannabis or marijuana plants. Most people are well-aware of marijuana’s ability to create a high, and this psychoactive result is caused by a specific chemical agent in marijuana known as THC. Cannabidiol oil provides many of the same health benefits as THC without the high. In fact, when looked at under a microscope, there is only one small atomic difference between these two elements which accounts for their small yet substantially different impact on the body.

How Cannabidiol Works in the Body

To understand the CBD oil exercise link, you must understand how this oil affects the endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. This is one of the lesser-known systems in the human body, but it serves a vital role in maintaining homeostasis. It controls processes such as mood, memory, the sensation of pain and appetite. ECS receptors detect the presence of cannabinoids created by your body as well as those produced by plants. Therefore, when your body is introduced to plant-based cannabinoids, you may enjoy substantial muscle relief benefits as well benefits in other areas of the body. 

The CBD Oil Exercise Benefits

You may be wondering how CBD oil help exercise and workouts. While muscle pain is often associated with novice athletes who are intensely using muscles that they have not used in months or years, the reality is that anyone who works out can experience muscle pain. Each time you exercise and stress your muscles, you create small tears in muscle fibers. This leads to inflammation, which is the cause of the post-workout pain that you feel. Therefore, muscle relief after a workout is directly linked to preventing or reducing this inflammation. This is where the anti-inflammatory cannabidiol oil exercise benefits come into play. 

While only limited studies have been conducted exploring the exact nature of the oil’s inflammatory-reducing benefits, the reality is that an increasing number of athletes have been moving away from over-the-counter pain relief medications in exchange for this natural oil. The oil has also been used to relieve the painful inflammation associated with arthritis, menstrual cramps and other conditions. It is even used as an alternative to narcotic pain relief drugs. You can see that the oil may have profound muscle relief benefits on you as well.

Building a CBD Oil Exercise Routine

Before developing a cannabidiol oil exercise routine, be aware that this oil is used as an anti-inflammatory for pain relief rather than as a muscle relaxer. Many people view these as synonymous, but they are not the same. A muscle relaxer is most commonly used to treat an injury. 

You may be wondering if your cannabidiol oil exercise regiment requires topical use of the oil or oral ingestion. The oil has been used both ways, and it is even available in a capsule formula for easy ingestion as well. There are no specific dosing instructions for the use of this agent for anti-inflammatory purposes, so you should discuss your use of it with your doctor as a first step. Some tinctures are available in sprays or oils, and the product is intended to go directly under your tongue for fast absorption into the body. With topical use, a cream containing CBD is usually applied directly to the inflamed area. 

The oil offers substantial benefits that extend beyond its anti-inflammatory properties. For example, it has been used to treat anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. It likewise has been used to treat migraines, diabetes, acne, high blood pressure and other conditions. Some people consume this oil regularly to enjoy its many health benefits. If you are included in this group, you may enjoy pre-workout benefits as well. Rather than apply CBD oil help exercise pains after you are already feeling the effects of an intense workout, you may prevent pain altogether or decrease the intensity of the pain. 

Another benefit of this oil can also help you to maximize each workout. Many people use the oil to treat insomnia and to enjoy better quality sleep throughout the night. If you struggle with fatigue because of low-quality sleep or insomnia, you may feel more energized by using this oil as needed or regularly based on your needs. You can then have energy to push yourself harder during each workout.

You can also take advantage of the CBD oil exercise benefits simply for pain relief. You will need to discuss your plans to use the oil with your doctor so that you can develop a healthy regimen that helps you to enjoy all of its exceptional results. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil Legally

If you live in one of the many states where recreational marijuana use has not yet been legalized or if you are not approved for medical-use marijuana, you may be wondering if you can legally use this oil. In December 2018, the Farm Bill was passed by the federal government. This bill legalized industrialized hemp. This includes the growth and distribution of it as well as the sale for any use. In addition to hemp, the bill legalized CBD extraction and production. This means that you can purchase and use hemp and CBD products in any location throughout the United States.

When you buy CBD oil, be aware that not all products are the same. Some products from irreputable sources do not actually contain the full amount of CBD that their packaging claims. This means that you may pay a premium for a product that does not provide the level of results that you are expecting. Before you buy CBD oil for anti-inflammatory benefits or for any other purpose, take time to review the reputation of the company and legitimate user reviews of the products. 

Post-workout aches and pains can impair your quality of life for at least a day or two after a session. When you exercise regularly, you may spend the better part of each week dealing with some level of pain in various areas of the body. Perhaps you regularly ingest various medications for pain alleviation. There may be a better solution available. The oil’s exercise benefits could help you to enjoy more profound pain relief without the need to regularly ingest pain medications, and it could provide other health benefits as well. Consider trying this as an alternative for a few weeks to see how well it works for you.

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