Can CBD help treat sunburns

Can CBD be used to treat a sunburn?

Can CBD be used to treat a sunburn?

Summer is finally here! Whether you’re having fun at pool parties, the beach, or just out and about doing touristy things, you are susceptible to the sun’s strong UV rays. Hopefully, you are taking precautions by applying sunscreen, but sometimes our best efforts can still result in sunburned skin. Most folks who get sunburned turn to Aloe because of its natural remedies, but with all the craze of Cannabidiol’s (CBD) topical benefits, let’s see if it makes a great option for those skin blistering and painful burns.

Why CBD could be a sunburn remedy

Surprisingly enough, a sunburn is actually a reaction that your skin is trying to heal itself. The redness is a delayed reaction to the infrared or ultraviolet rays permeating through your skin, simply meaning you’ve been in the sun too long. The skin cells’ go-to mechanism after a sunburn is to release inflammatory cells to start the healing process, in turn showing signs of redness, swelling, sensitivity or pain.

Based on what research has shown us, high grade CBD is a great anti-inflammatory. It’s been used primarily by people experiencing muscle pain and tension, especially ones with rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathic pain. It also helps folks with skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. Since CBD is great for its inflammation calming effects, could it be a good candidate for prevention and care for sun damage?

Dr. Jeanette Jacknin M.D., author of Smart Medicine For Your Skin and certified dermatologist, says that the potential is there for CBD to help our skin heal from sun damage. She states “There are studies in which CBD has been shown to help wounds heal, so it might help wounds [and] burns, and I think people are looking into the potential [of CBD] as a sunscreen in and of itself.” Dr. Jacknin did point out that extensive research still needs to be done in terms of using CBD for it’s potential skin care benefits. Though if you decide to mix some of your high grade CBD into your current sunscreen to add some anti-inflammatory benefits, your skin might be in for a treat.

Dr Jacknin also says, “I haven’t seen any studies that show that it shields [our skin from the sun], but if you mixed it in with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, it seems to me you’d get a better product.” She also mentions that CBD could be mixed with aloe as well. Aloe vera, short for aloe, is the first thing everyone thinks of to soothe a sunburn because of its strong cooling effects, but it’s primary purpose is to keep the water content in the skin so it doesn’t dehydrate. 

CBD has been the latest craze in so many beauty and skin care products nowadays. It makes all the sense because our body naturally produces endocannabinoids which then binds to cannabinoid receptors to help maintain homeostasis. CBD would bind to those receptors to support and maintain the balance or homeostasis, creating an overall sense of calm for your skin.

While we can’t make full claims that CBD is exactly what we really need after being burned from the sun, it surely does sound like a promising alternative to those painful burns. Whether you decide to use high grade CBD as a preventive measure, or as a post burn treatment, don’t forget to use sunscreen this summer!

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