Athlete Benefits From CBD

Athletes are seeing benefits from taking CBD

Benefits of Athletes Taking CBD

Cannabidiol has been taking the world by storm. Medical researchers have been at work trying to figure out all of the medicinal benefits this plant extract brings. Even though there used to be a negative connotation associated with marijuana, many now are beginning to understand how it can help improve our health. 

If you’re an athlete, you’re always putting added stress on your body. This can be both a plus and a minus. Athletic training is done to simulate the actual event and boost the athlete’s performance. However, in intense training, physical trauma can lead to injuries and long term wear and tear.

Typically, athletes use over-the-counter pain medication like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. We now know that these medications have more risks than we previously thought before. Additionally, in the United States, there is an ongoing opioid crisis that has even affected athletes. The opioid crisis is said to kill thousands of Americans every year.

Conventional pain management practices are effective, but they often come at a cost. Athletes are now understanding some of the health risks associated with the pain medication they’ve been regularly taking and are looking for an alternative. Maybe it’s time for athletes to buy CBD oil as a replacement. Does cannabidiol oil offer a safer alternative for recovering athletes looking to manage their pain and recovery? Well, let’s find out.

What is Cannabidiol? 

The endocannabinoid system in our body manages and regulates the activity of neurons. Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid that is naturally occurring within the marijuana plant, and is not psychoactive whatsoever. Your body’s endocannabinoid system works to maintain your body’s balance, otherwise known as homeostasis. 
Cannabidiol is thought to work as a supplement to this system by increasing its effectiveness. If you’re an athlete, you are already placing greater mental and physical stress on your endocannabinoid system. Sometimes it will feel overloaded, and this is where CBD products can help.

Benefits of CBD Oil 

Alternative to Traditional Pain Management 
Lately, even non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs have been under fire. Endurance athletes have been told to stay away from them during training sessions for fear of causing renal damage. NSAIDs can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Cannabidiol does not carry these risks. 
Athletes that have replaced NSAIDs with CBD oil have noticed a difference. The pain-relieving effects of hemp oil have led to some athletes completely eliminating the use of NSAIDs. There are no known serious adverse effects to taking cannabidiol.

As noted above, the opioid crisis in America is very serious. Opioids like morphine and percocets are incredibly effective as far as pain management is concerned, but they are also physically addictive. Hemp oil may not be as effective in helping manage intense pain, but it may prove to be more effective for chronic pain management. There is a far lower risk of addiction or even overdose. 

While a small amount of inflammation can help promote positive training and recovery, too much of it can set back both your recovery and performance. Cannabidiol that binds itself to CB2 receptors can help slow your immune system’s response after a hard workout. Your immune system sends signals to increase cytokine production after an intense workout, which too much of can work against you. 

Hemp oil can help reduce inflammation and symptoms associated with discomfort in the small and large intestines. While it won’t solve all your stomach issues on its own, like from dehydration or overheating, but it can aid as an anti-inflammatory. There are both CB1 and CB2 receptors in the colon, and it’s been shown that Colitis symptoms decrease whenever these receptors are “active”. 

Is Cannabidiol (CBD) oil legal? 

Last year, both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti-Doping Agency removed cannabidiol from its list of prohibited substances. However, the psychoactive compound known as THC is still prohibited. There is a concern that products that are not labeled correctly may contain enough THC to cause you to fail a drug screening. If you want to shop There has been more leniency in place for athletes that may be using CBD casually outside of sporting competitions. The World Anti-Doping Agency sets its threshold for THC at 150 nanograms per milliliter of urine. Before, they set it at 15 nanograms, which is much lower. 

How to Consume? 

They can be consumed through capsules, edibles, or vape. There are even creams that contain cannabidiol that can be absorbed through the skin. You can buy CBD oil products of any kind!

The way in which you consume CBD affects the way in which you experience its effects. Sublingual drops and tinctures along with inhalation are generally the fastest methods of taking the substance. Capsules, CBD oil, and edibles all have to be digested before feeling the effects, and as a result, take much longer. If you want to buy CBD oil products, you should ensure you choose the right product for you. You should also consult a physician to understand how it may benefit you. If your doctor gives the okay, then you can buy CBD oil.

CBD is typically available in two forms. There is full spectrum CBD And isolate CBD. Full-Spectrum CBD contains other endocannabinoid compounds in addition to cannabidiol. Whereas with the isolate, only the cannabidiol is extracted. Products with the isolate should ONLY contain CBD and nothing else. However, with less than reputable CBD companies, you can never be completely sure of what’s in the product. CBD isolate is recommended for those that have to undergo drug screening.

You can even make a recovery drink with cannabidiol. However, measuring out the dosage can be difficult. It is said that the most exact way to consume cannabidiol is to take it in capsules. With capsules, you know the exact dosage. You can also do this with tinctures. Most companies that advertise CBD products suggest clients start with low doses and incrementally increase to reach the desired effect. When you shop CBD products, you should do some research on what form you want to ingest it in.

A problem with CBD is that we still are unsure as to how much we should be taking. Cannabidiol products have not yet received intense scrutiny from regulatory agencies like the FDA. There are also inconsistencies in CBD product production. When you shop CBD products, remember that the regulation is not quite there yet.

Cannabidiol oil can make a huge mark on the world of athletics. It can revolutionize the way that athletes recover from injuries and training. Cannabidiol can also be used to manage chronic pain. However, since CBD products are still undergoing heavy research, we should be cautious with how we use them. We still do not understand how to use it with athletes. We know it can help, we just don’t know how. If you’re concerned about the product, you should visit a shop in person. Shop CBD products from different companies before making a decision. Don’t forget to read the clients’ reviews as well.

Even though it is not a banned substance for most athletes, it still carries a risk. Cannabidiol itself is not banned, but THC is. Unfortunately, many products are mislabeled which can lead to you mistakenly taking a product with THC, which can trigger a drug test. It is recommended to find a credible brand with a solid reputation. You want to ensure that you’re taking what you need without any additional prohibited substances.

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