Lokus About Us

The Lokus Story

Lokus came to be by three partners who had a passion for health and wellness. The marketplace for healing ailments was always heavily dominated by medication and ingesting toxins into your body to “hopefully” feel better. We knew in our hearts that there had to be something healthier and natural that we can research and eventually produce to help and heal through organic forms working with nature.

We believed that cannabis was key in helping and healing but the stigma of “getting high” was always a black cloud of the amazing benefits hemp could provide. So we teamed up with a cannabis farm in Colorado to create a strain of cannabis that has the medicinal properties derived from the plant, but none of the psychoactive effects associated with other strains of medical marijuana.

We welcome you to the Lokus family.

Our Mission

Our Mission is simple: Bring health and wellness through our CBD products.

Our Vision

Make our CBD products available to further health and wellness of our customers.

At our core we are a nutrition company passionate about health and wellness. We believe that nutrition can be sourced from earth, naturally, in its purest form. Our CBD is made right here in the USA. Our team of researchers, scientists, and production personnel all share the same passion for producing premium quality hemp to further health and wellness of our customers. We believe that there are two kinds of cannabidiol (CBD) oil: Lokus, and everything else. We invite you to enjoy the CBD by Lokus experience.

Lokus CBD

Our CBD products are derived from proprietary hemp plants grown exclusively in our environmentally-friendly green houses and farms right here in the USA. Every stage of the production process is met with tight quality assurance processes. Once harvested our CBD is subjected to further quality testing before it is dried and sent to our CO2 extraction facility.

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